Businesses are Using the Power of IoT Today to Meet the Needs of Tomorrow

Apr 03, 2018

2018 is set to be a transformational year for businesses embracing IoT solutions. Businesses today – like never before – are looking for ways to process and analyze data faster and more efficiently to extract the right insights, in the right place, at the right time and, ultimately, make better decisions, faster. Real-time, actionable information creates operational efficiencies, and the demand for it across industries creates many opportunities.

Working with key partners such as GE*, Cisco*, and NANTUM®, Intel is solving business challenges and creating precisely those opportunities across verticals like retail, smart cities, industrial, and healthcare -enabling businesses to achieve measurable results, today, through scalable and proven Intel® IoT Market Ready Solutions.

Transforming business and cities through IoT

Forward-thinking businesses have a common customer goal: to create deeper connections and deliver more personalized experiences. Commercially vetted and built to scale beyond a single deployment, Intel IoT Market Ready Solutions are created for a variety of businesses with similar challenges looking for proven and tested solutions. Decision makers are placing a high value on these solutions that streamline business operations and drive customer loyalty.

Because of IoT, retailers will soon be able to engage customers in a real-time feedback loop by detecting their emotions, demographic info, and shopping locations.

Smart Cities – just one of the many industries leveraging IoT – are working to create a better quality of life for today and tomorrow. Smart Cities exemplify a comprehensive IoT ecosystem, where the challenges of interoperability can best be overcome through the proven and unifying solutions provided by Intel and its partners. The city of San Diego, for example, is deploying 3,200 Current by GE CityIQ nodes to make its city infrastructure safer and smarter, and to improve the quality of life for residents.

Cisco Mass Transit provides a solution that enables transit systems to gain efficiencies by streamlining operations which improves safety by protecting passengers, employees, and cargo, and also ultimately lowers costs. It also provides a connected environment to deliver efficient and engaging experiences to passengers and employees.

And in an effort to help companies reach operational efficiency, NANTUM® deploys a smart building solution, helping save as much as $1.5M in energy costs over 3 years  for a 1.8-million sq. ft. building.

When we look at what lies ahead in 2018, the question is: How will this year be different? Will this be a turning point? The answer is a resounding yes. We will be able to use technology that can sift through massive amounts of data to generate meaningful, real-time, actionable insights so cities and all businesses can make better decisions, faster. Cities will be smarter. Factories will be more efficient. Video cameras will help make us safer.

IoT is truly transformative. Businesses and workers, cities and citizens are seeing the value and feeling the excitement and promise of what Intel IoT Market Ready Solutions hold. The pathway to a smarter world requires a robust community to build the solutions that can transform organizations and improve individual lives.

Learn more about how Intel® IOT Market Ready Solutions are creating a smarter, more connected world today and tomorrow.

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