Trying to develop a 900mhz long range system in an agricultural environment

Mar 12, 2018

Hi guys and Gals, never posted here before but I'm looking for just a point in the right direction on a few things. I work for a large company and the project I am currently involved in is in the agritech sector. Being a mechanical engineer IoT stuff is exciting for me but also foreign.

At this stage we are looking at using a UAV as a data relay to extend the sigfox's 30km range running through the 900mhz bandwidth, pinging the data through a relay. Now our drone is being used for other missions such as imaging and it flys around 400ft with a 90min flight time (It's a fixed wing V-ToL giving it a long flight). so what I was sort of asking was:

The sensors consist of:

  • Weather tower
  • Water level
  • Soil moisture

So I suppose what I'm asking is:

  • What kind of commercial off the shelf products do you guys know of to perform a node role
  • Is finding a relaying component weighing approximately 400g possible?
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