Gemalto wins AT&T certification for Cinterion LTE-M IoT module

Jan 17, 2018

Gemalto has announced it has won AT&T certification for the Cinterion LTE-M IoT module expanding cellular connectivity possibilities for solutions related to IoT.

Gemalto’s Cinterion LTE-M IoT enables highly efficient use of existing 4G networks by utilising marginal energy and IoT-optimised bandwidth. The module is suitable for IoT solutions with fixed power budgets and that do not require high data throughput such as remote monitoring and control, healthcare, security systems, POS and smart city applications.

Andreas Haegele, SVP IoT products at Gemalto, said: "The robust Cinterion LTE M wireless module combines the longevity, reliability and ubiquity of LTE cellular connectivity with the efficiency and cost economy of Low-Power Wide-Area technologies - exactly what the majority of new IoT solutions require. Together with AT&T, Gemalto is revolutionising cellular possibilities for the IoT, allowing connected assets, smart homes and smart cities to instantly connect and stay securely connected over the long lifetime of IoT devices."

Initial pilot programs for the Cinterion LTE-M IoT module are already deployed and in Q1/2018 volume shipping will follow.

Gemalto has designed the Cinterion EMS31 LTE-M module based on flexible RF that supports evolving multi-band and multi-technology use. With support for 10 LTE frequency bands, future versions of the Cinterion LTE-M IoT module will facilitate additional bands to allow for global coverage.

Sam Lucero, senior principal analyst for IoT at IHS Markit, said: "Gemalto's EMS31 LTE-M is well positioned to be a leader in the category supporting a multitude of low bandwidth, mobile IoT use cases."

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