Difference between OMA LwM2M (Leshan) and Kaa?

Feb 23, 2018

Hi, I am a beginner in electronics and IoT. I have a small project, which I came up with myself. Electronics part is finished and now, I would like to implement IoT side. Basically, I would like to read sensor values (NodeMCU/ESP8266), submit to a server (running on RPi), actuate commands from the server side on the client (e.g. switch on relay). In the future, I will have multiple (~10) different devices connected to the server. I want to use a free and an open source technology with future (not something small and has a big potential to die off in a couple of years). I have found OMA LwM2M (with Leshan implementation) to be very useful but it seems to be that there aren't any data handling capabilities. I can implement those but that costs time. Kaa offers data handling features, which is nice. I can't really find comparisons between these two. I am starting to think that I am comparing apples and oranges here. What are your experiences on these two? Which way is to go (in your opinion)?

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