Writing a thesis on IoT managerial challenges and strategic positioning! Need your help!

Mar 03, 2018

Hello, fellow Redditors!

My name is Novak, and I am currently writing a thesis on whether an IoT company makes different strategic choices and faces different managerial challenges, depending on the product's intended use and its building blocks.

What am I asking for: I am wondering if any of you who have relevant managerial experience would be willing to do an online interview? It would help me with my final thesis, but also help build more knowledge about the industry. Referrals to colleagues or friends are very welcome. C suite, product managers, VPs, and other members who know about IoT product strategies in their firm are all welcome. Firms with a single product category are welcome as well, in which case we will discuss expansion challenges.

About the thesis: If you look at the existing literature, it talks about different companies' strategic choices and managerial challenges when it comes to smart, connected products. I am looking at whether these products are so different one from another (e.g., a platform from a simple sensor) that there can be a significant difference in approach within the same firm. The theoretical basis for my research comes from articles written by Porter and Heppelmann, and various academic papers. The goal is also to show the need for further research into how companies that make IoT products that are significantly different one from another deal with that complexity. Any interview, or a part of, can be marked confidential and I won't release it in the published version.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Gaining knowledge directly from the industry is crucial to the success of my thesis, so I am very grateful for any contacts or information.

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