We are unided! What the Eclipse Unide project is all about

Nov 22, 2017

Eclipse Unide is an open source project to develop and test implementations of the Production Performance Management Protocol.

Fun Fact

“Unide” is derived from understand industry devices, because that’s what the project is all about!

Members of the Unide open source project are continuously refining the Production Performance Management Protocol – the language of Industry 4.0. This protocol facilitates communication between devices (e.g. sensors and machines) and Industry 4.0 software solutions. It can be quickly and easily implemented by users in the plant. Among others, use cases include: condition monitoring and data analytics.

Unide for coders

The source code (repository) is provided on Eclipse Unide. This makes it easier for developers to get to grips with the format definition standard. With bindings, they can generate objects and structures in a programming environment (such as Java) from a Production Performance Management Protocol message in JSON format. Test and visualization options are available as well. Developers can thus validate their own implementations against the official ones in the Production Performance Management Protocol early on in the process, and receive visual feedback if needed.

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