Thinking out loud – Timo Gessmann on blockchain

Dec 05, 2017

Timo Gessmann

Timo Gessmann is the director of the Bosch IoT Lab – a cooperation between the University of St. Gallen, ETH Zürich, and Bosch.

In my current role at the Bosch IoT Lab, I am responsible for exploring new IoT product ideas & business fields including blockchain technology.

Thought #1

What I really like about Blockchain is the potential for enabling users and IoT devices to do P2P “value” exchange.

Thought #2

What drives me nuts about Blockchain is the hype about ICOs and trading crypto-currencies.

Thought #3

Blockchain is not just about FinTech applications, it has the potential to be a key technology in the IoT by generating a trusted link between the physical and digital world – a so-called digital twin.

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