Mozilla updates its Project Things open source IoT gateway

Feb 07, 2018

Mozilla has issued an update to its Project Things open source decentralised IoT gateway first announced back in July.

The main part of Project Things is the Linux-based ‘Things Gateway’ software which enables a Raspberry Pi to be set up as a home automation gateway. In the latest version (0.3) of the software — a new rules engine, improved voice support, and a tutorial has been added to help newbies get started.

Other major new features include:

  • Microphone support for issuing voice commands

  • Rules engine for setting ‘If this, then that’ logic for device interaction

  • Floor-plan view to lay out devices on a map of the home

  • Additional device type support, such as smart plugs, dimmable and colored lights, multi-level switches and sensors, and “virtual” devices

  • New add-on system for supporting protocols and devices

  • New system for safely authorizing third-party applications (using OAuth)

The floor-plan view is particularly interesting to allow users to see a layout of their devices around their home on a virtual map.

Today’s additions make it possible for a consumer to build their own smart hub with only basic knowledge instead of having to pay for expensive, pre-built hubs from major manufacturers.

While the Things Gateway is designed to be used with the Pi 3, other models are compatible. The stack can even run on pretty much any Linux-based desktop, laptop, or hacker board.

You can find out more about Project Things and how to get started here.

What are your thoughts on the latest Project Things update? Let us know in the comments.

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