The Invictus Way

Jun 21, 2019

From mining 1 Bitcoin a day to launching the first crypto casino to providing innovative Blockchain based investment products, Daniel Schwartzkopff CEO and Co-Founder of Invictus Capital has come a long way. Watch him talk about this journey here

The rapid rise of digital asset markets has amplified complexities in managing cryptocurrency portfolios and investment strategies. Invictus aims to simplify investing in crypto assets for the independent investor while providing them with peace of mind, security, and simplicity, at low cost.

“The $450bn international payments/remittance industry is likely the first to be disrupted as crypto and payments are blockchain's original 'killer app', much like e-mail was to the Internet. Banking and finance will be next as the innovative tech makes a lot of the traditional middlemen obsolete.”

-  Daniel Schwartzkopff CEO and Co-Founder, Invictus Capital on the impact of Blockchain and crypto on the 4th Industrial Revolution

At the forefront of this disruption are 2 key products from the company - the Invictus Hyperion Fund and CRYPTO20. Hyperion is a tokenized syndicated venture capital fund that provides token holders with a diversified portfolio of early stage investment opportunities in the Blockchain industry. CRYPTO20 on the other hand is the first tokenized cryptocurrency index fund.

Even as Invictus revolutionizes crypto investing, they have other exciting things brewing. For instance, Invictus Education aims to educate people on investing in crypto markets.

To find out more, watch their take on this in their video interview at the link here


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