Ask Me Anything with Master Chef Richmond Lim - 5th October 2018, 10 am-12 pm

Sep 28, 2018

Ask Me Anything with Master Chef Richmond Lim

5th October 2018, 10-12 pm (LIVE on Interchange AMA)

Banquet Revolution – To Tech or not to Tech?

Combining 33 years of international exposure in 5-star Fine Dining and the MICE industry F&B, Master Chef Richmond Lim aims to reform banquets “beyond the standard dining experience”.

“Change the way we work and make the most out of technology”

Chef Richmond Lim Beng Poh


F&B operators need to constantly innovate to deliver quality food and ingenious dining experiences to keep up with ever-changing consumer trends. But how? Have your queries answered at the upcoming Ask [Chef Richmond] Anything! 5th October 2018, 10am to 12pm on Interchange AMA. Engage him in discussions on Future Transformation of F&B industry to find out how you could make the most out of technology, and about Banqueting Revolution.

Presently the Chief Culinology Officer at SingEx Holdings and a global renowned Chef to royals, executives and high profile diners, he shares his years of experience revolutionising his industry and craft. Ask away!  

More information can be found here:

  1. Chef Richmond’s Interchange expert profile
  2. Interchange AMA page
  3. Send in your questions at 

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